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“One-on-one yoga sessions exactly like personal training and tailored to your specific needs to experience the benefits of yoga in a safe, personalised way.”

Group yoga classes are great, but private lessons are the ones which give you opportunity to improve your practice in surprising ways. According to your needs and focusing in 100% on your goals! Whether new to the yoga game, needing rehabilitation or prevention from an injury, or just wanting to take your practice deeper. It is like Double Plus Performance! With teacher’s eyes on you, you can be sure that all asanas (yoga poses) will be done well and properly! Online Private Classes mean personalized schedule, individual approach, comfort of privacy and teacher’s full attention.

We are living in connected world and interacting remotely with the people from any location Time zone and location do not matter anymore! Plus Performance Yoga has students all around the world! Traveling for work also may seem to be a problem for a regular yoga practice with your teacher. Well – not anymore! All you need is Skype and yoga matt.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, looking to become less stressed, improve your postures, flexibility or just to understand a little more about yoga then i promise you i can assist you in your journey.


Minutes 1 Class

One to One Private Yoga Session.


Hours 10 Classes, 2-week series

One to One Private Yoga Session.


Hours 25 Classes, one month series

One to One Private Yoga Session.

 Simple Precautions for All

  • There is one important thing we should take care off: avoid practicing during the hot hours and avoid practicing directly under the sun. Always use sun protection, maybe use some insect-off cream.
  • Due to uneven ground, stones etc. be careful not to injure yourself.
  • We always use our mat and are mindful of our trash. A true yogi always leaves the place in a better condition than he found it.
  • So, let’s create more opportunities to practice in nature, knowing that perfection in practice is achieved when we are not affected by the external conditions!

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One-to-One Online Yoga Sessions

Start practicing yoga anywhere with live virtual yoga sessions with Urmal. We provide one-on-one, live, online yoga sessions which is a great way to incorporate yoga into your busy routine.

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